VideoSound Add Background Music to Video


Spice up Instagram and Facebook Videos with Your Favorite Music

Forget uploading boring old videos and images; now’s the time to start laying down your own background audio

This is a wonderfully effective app that has been designed to make adding music to your Instagram and Facebook videos

Easily add your favorite tune, from your iTunes collection, to your video creations before sharing on Instagram, Vine or Facebook!

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Highlight your memories with your favorite songs and let your friends wonder how you did it. Let VideoSound be your secret weapon for creating memorable Instagram, Vine, and Facebook videos!

With VideoSound you can add music to your videos and even a sound recording, recorded from within the app. The original soundtrack can then be mixed with the music and recording by adjusting the individual sound volumes, so for example you can select to mute the original soundtrack and only keep the selected song.

Since version 3, VideoSound can even create slideshows from your photos and music. The photos can be edited and ordered inside the slideshow, iTunes music and a sound recording can be added. VideoSound will then automatically create a tailor made video slideshow for Instagram or Vine.


  • Photo with Music - Create a Video from a Photo plus a Soundtrack
  • Photo Slideshow - Create a Slideshow with Music from Your Photos (Pro version)
  • Mix the Original Video's Soundtrack with Music and a Sound Recording
  • Preserve the Quality and Aspect Ratio of the Original Video
  • Share on Instagram, Facebook, Vine or Send via Email
  • Select the Starting Position and Length for your Video
  • Select the Starting Position for Your Songs
  • Record Sound with a Built-In Sound Recorder Tool
  • Individual Volumes for Each Soundtrack
  • Option to Select Full HD, HD or VGA Resolution for the Resulting Video
  • Option to Select the Resulting Video Speed (from 1/4x to 4x)
  • The Option of Choosing the Cropping Rectangle Position, when Selecting a Photo
  • Audio Fade-In/Out Effect
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With a great and easy to use interface Create a video with music in background in just 3 steps!

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And the end result...